Wanted a fresnel but couldn’t afford it so I went to staples and bought an 8.5×11 magnifier sheet and cut it down to size. This is a before and after shot…both images shot at ISO 1600 f/4 1/5th. Got some accidental glare on the before image but doesn’t matter much because the difference is huge! 

Total cost: $9


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My favorite image from our roadtrip

D uring Candace’s spring break we decided to take a road trip through Arizona to New Mexico for one week. Our trip let us experience a lot of different scenery but our absolute favorite spot was Flagstaff, AZ. I wish we could have explored more in that area but to be honest we weren’t prepared for the cold weather and 50mph winds. Still a great little roadtrip though..it was a good time for us to just get away and relax.

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I haven’t been shooting a lot because I can’t afford film right now…so I sold a few things and bought a Nikon 35-70mm f/2.8 lens for my digital cam as an all around lens for everyday stuff. 

When it comes to personal work I prefer to only shoot on film but it’s been too long since I’ve posted something new… I really need to just start working more often rather than worry about what medium I use to take a photograph. 

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Replenishing my silver bath

Replenishing my silver bath

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New darkroom tent for Wet Plate Collodion

New darkroom tent for Wet Plate Collodion

Excited to start working with wet plate collodion in a bigger space…the trunk of my Scion xB was way too cramped.

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8×10 view camera + pinhole + paper negative

8x10 view camera + pinhole + paper negative

inverted iphone pic

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One way to sell copies of wet plate collodion work


A few weeks ago Adorama sent me a coupon code to get a free 8×10 aluminum print. Since it’s free I figured why not send them a wet plate collodion image just to see what the results would look like. After waiting about a week and a half I received the photo in a nicely packaged box with the photo inside wrapped in bubble wrap. The photo above is my aluminum print from Adorama without color corrections or custom made color profile.

WOW! This totally changed my opinions about aluminum prints. Before I hated the option but I believe that’s because I’ve never seen a (semi) black and white print on aluminum before either…all the photographs I’ve seen before were in color and the metallic look didn’t suit my tastes. My views completely changed after getting this in the mail…This is actually very exciting because it allows me to have an option to sell copies of my wet plate collodion work and keep that similar presentation instead of having to sell paper prints.

I’m lucky to have stumbled upon this because I’m also starting an Etsy shop in the near future so this will be good to have as another option to sell work. :)

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